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BIS S-6426 Training Mapping Designer Basis

Basics of Data Conversion for API/EAI/B2B Integration in Hybrid Scenarios With the BIS Mapping Designer (BISMD)

Introduction into the technology of the Business Integration Converter (BIC)

Training S-6426

Duration: 2 days

Price per person: €1,680

Requirements: see Training Finder

Data conversion with the SEEBURGER BIS Mapping Designer – available as plugin for the open-source Eclipse platform. You will develop your own conversions with BISMD, learn how it works and its advantages in the EAI/API and B2B area.

This training is an optional part of the “SEEBURGER Certified Integration Professional” certification. For individually planned training, the price may differ. For training outside the Central European Time zone business hours and/or offerings priced in US$ please contact us via the contact form.


Introduction to the state-of-the-art technology of the BIS Mapping Designer
Functional overview of the graphical user interface
Introduction to XPath/XQuery (loops, filtering, sorting and grouping)
Command reference of the BIS Mapping Designer (except of the most important commands with examples)
Creation of cross-mapping code (modules)
Extensive exercises on topics incl. mapping creation and local testing
Generation of precompiled mappings (deployment artefacts)
Connection to a code repository (git) for mapping development in the team
In this training, you will use the BIS Mapping Designer based on an overall scenario. Create individual mappings independently with the BIS Mapping Designer and get to know its possibilities in the area of B2B as well for API/EAI integration.