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WebService Integration

Send and receive data using WebService as a client or server

Use our WebService Client and Server with SEEBURGER BIS Standard Services to integrate with your ERP system or other third-party applications. The WebService functionality supports file uploads, sending and receiving data, multichannel connections, SSL security and WebService Security.

Based on that, SEEBURGER BIS can help you to connect and transfer data securely using any interface or communication protocol between your applications, business processes, systems, and trading and business partners across your entire ecosystem, while you can choose between on-premises and cloud-based endpoints.

There are two ways of using our WebService connectivity:

  1. Consume web-services provided by other systems via intra/extra/internet, which support the http methods PUT (file), POST (form) and GET (file).
  2. You may also provide web-services on BIS to other applications.

If your use case is special, contact us to discuss how our solutions can best meet your integration needs.


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