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SEEXML in the Real World

Introducing SEEXML

Workshop S-6025

Duration: 1 day

Price per person: €840

Learn about the SEEXML concept, strategy and supporting documents for SEEXML. The B2B Packaged Solution works with partner and process mappings whose interaction and working methods are deepened.

This workshop will be organized together with you to align with your sophisticated usage demands and individual needs, where conventional off-the-shelf solutions are no longer viable. The coordination and arrangement of the workshop's timing and structure will be a collaborative effort based on your preferences. Please be aware that pricing for personally tailored training sessions could vary. For training outside the Central European Time zone business hours and/or offerings priced in US$ please contact us via the contact form.



Advantages of double conversion over direct mappings
Requirements for a successful SEEXML project
Background information on the SEEXML documentation
  • Inbound partner mappings
  • Outbound partner mappings
  • Combined documentation
Control and interpretation of processing via qualifier
Special configuration options via envelope and parameter handling
Simplification of the migration of ERP systems using the example of SAP S/4HANA
Leverage the advantages of SEEXML and double conversion to implement integration projects together with SEEBURGER in an easy, fast and scalable way.