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What is a VDA 4987 Message?

The VDA 4987 message, commonly known as Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), is a document the supplier sends to the customer to notify about an expected delivery. The file follows the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry or in German Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V.) standards and is used by many manufacturers in the automotive industries.


The use of the VDA 4987 Message

VDA 4987 messages are used to inform customers about deliveries shipped by the supplier. The information contains all relevant details referring to the shipment like material numbers. With regarded shipped quantity, ship-to addresses, plant, terms of delivery (INCOTERMS), etc. Furthermore, a VDA 4987 message contains package information describing how the shipped materials are packed.

When the VDA 4987 arrives at the customer and after acceptance, the shipment information is automatically booked into the customer’s ERP system. In the next step, the ASN information can be used to plan the future inventory usage, and when receiving the goods, the physical shipment needs to be aligned with the data from the already processed VDA 4987 message.

Benefits using EDI and the VDA 4987 Message

Benefits exchanging shipment information via VDA 4987 for customer and supplier

Reduces employee workload a lot

as data has not to be keyed in manually and shipment information can thus be exchanged very swiftly

Fewer errors

as data is generated automatically by the system avoiding human interaction

Reduces costs

as less paper has to be exchanged

Automatic generation of shipments information

in the form of a VDA 4987 saves time and reduces costs

Fulfilling VDA 4987 standards will lead to higher acceptance

for new customer projects especially with automotive OEMs

Lesser workload and errors

as information are already present with the VDA 4987 message and don't need to be keyed in by customer personnel

Shipment information is received for production planning,

and enhanced inventory management Goods receipt is accelerated as the data referring to the shipment is already at hand on the customer side. With barcode labels, the data from the VDA 4987 message can quickly be aligned using RFID- or Barcode-Scanners, reducing human errors at goods receipt tremendously.

Enables JIS processes with suppliers

Automate the VDA 4987 Message with flexible operating models

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