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What is an ANSI X12 EDI 832 Message?

An ANSI X12 EDI 832 (Price Sales Catalog) is a message used to distribute the goods and services catalog data between a supplier and its customers and update the prices of the goods and/or services they provide. This file replaces the need for a more traditional paper based catalog to be updated and sent to a supplier’s customer base. In theory, the paper based version of this file could be out of date the moment it is generated. An electronic replacement can be resent and updated as many times as the supplier requires. It follows the EDI message standard ANSI X12 and is a crucial message type for the retail industries' electronic purchasing process.


Usage of the ANSI X12 EDI 832 Message

An EDI 832 message is generated by the supplier and sent to its customers electronically. Once received, this information can then be imported into their business software and instantly update their ERP and inform their purchasing departments. The 832 message defines a wide range of information about the supplier's services, along with item specifics and the future delivery of these goods. In addition to product descriptions and prices, this could also contain additional customer-specific data, which is uniquely agreed upon between the supplier and this specific customer.

When this data is received, the customer can then create an EDI 850 Order based on this information with greater accuracy.

ANSI X12 EDI 832 Message Benefits

The transmission of the Price Sales Catalog electronically provide a number of benefits

Customers can instantly know what is being offered by the supplier

and the availability of the offer

Promotional and special offers can be highlighted and planned for
Automatic updating of a customer’s ERP ordering system

no requirement for the legacy paper based catalog

Syncing of data between a customer and supplier

to make all future orders seamless

Fewer errors overall as well as the ability to correct previously sent errors

Integrate EDI 832 into Your Business

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