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What is an EDIFACT PRICAT Message?

The EDIFACT PRICAT (PRIce / sales CATalog) message is used to distribute goods and services catalog data between a supplier and its customers. For example, a supplier could send a complete list of product descriptions, item codes, prices, and availability out to its customers, highlighting new and amended item specifics. This information is then used by the customer to aid all future purchases with this supplier. It follows the EDI message standard UN/EDIFACT and is a message type for the retail industries' electronic purchasing process.


The use of the EDIFACT PRICAT Message

The PRICAT message defines a wide range of information about the supplier's services, along with item specifics and the future delivery of these goods. In addition to product descriptions and prices, this could also contain additional customer-specific data, which is uniquely agreed upon between the supplier and this specific customer. Once a customer receives the PRICAT, they can then use this data to prepare future ORDERS with this supplier. PRICAT can also be used to in a large retail organization with many shops to roll-out retail prices to the PoS (Point of Sales).

PRICAT messages are generated via a supplier ERP system via their own ERP specific data format, such as SAP IDoc. This data is converted into the customer’s required EDI PRICAT structure via an EDI solution and sent. Once received, they will know what is being received on that specific delivery.

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