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What is an EDIFACT ORDCHG Message?

An EDIFACT ORDCHG (purchase ORDer CHanGe request) message is used to update and amend a previously sent EDIFACT ORDERS message. If amendments to previous purchase orders are required, the ORDCHG is generated, references the past purchase order number, and then details the required changes. This message follows the EDI message standard UN/EDIFACT and is used in conjunction with ORDERS EDI messages.


The use of the EDIFACT ORDCHG Message

The buying organization would first create an EDI purchase order to place the initial order with their supplier. When using EDIFACT as the EDI standard, this would be as an ORDERS message and respectively with ANSI X12 the EDI 850 (Purchase order).

The ORDCHG can be used to change or cancel one or more items/goods from a previously sent order. They can also relate to one or many different delivery schedules. They can also be used to update the supplier with previously unknown details specific to the order, such as customs, transport, and delivery details.

The supplier then can answer with an order response message (ORDRSP in EDIFACT). In this he can either confirm the received ORDERS or the received ORDCHG or he from his side requests now changes.

Benefits using EDI and the EDIFACT ORDCHG Message

By using EDI to transmit updated Order details, many benefits can be gained

Reduction in employee workload

by automating numerous tasks where changes to orders can happen

Less chance for error

as human interaction can be avoided

Transaction flows become paperless

meaning less waste

Direct transmission of data and automatic updating of orders speeds up the entire ordering process

Ensure stable use of EDIFACT ORDCHG Message

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