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What is a VDA 4915 Message ?

The VDA 4915 message represents Just-in-time information that is sent to suppliers by their customers. These messages follow the VDA standards and are supplement documents for electronic purchasing processes based on delivery schedules commonly used in the automotive industry.

The VDA 4915 serves a similar purpose as the EDIFACT DELJIT message, however the VDA 4915 focuses on automotive requirements. The legacy VDA 4915 message is the predecessor of the VDA 4985 message for exchanging Just in Time delivery information.


The use of the VDA 4915 Message

In order to further reduce stock levels and therefore exchanging precise delivery information manufacturing companies send demand information not just on a daily basis but even more precisely on a time slot level.

The VDA 4915 message is crucial when fulfilling the Just-in-time (JIT) process of manufacturing companies. Because of that it is also referred as “Just-in-time”- or JIT message. In JIT environments VDA 4915 messages are used as complement to the delivery planning which is sent by a VDA 4905 messages. The VDA 4915 messages is very frequently needed to communicate exact shipping times and quantities.

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