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What is a VDA 4908 Message?

The VDA 4908 is used to exchange credit note data. Therefore credit note data is sent from a customer to a supplier using the VDA 4908 format.

VDA 4908 is an EDI standard document for electronic credit note processes in automotive and manufacturing defined by the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry or in German Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V.). The new VDA 4938 message replaces both the legacy VDA 4906 invoice message as well as the VDA 4908 message for credit notes.

The VDA 4938 format is built on EDIFACT (D.07A Version) and thus is a subset of the EDIFACT INVOIC intended for the automotive processes.


The use of the VDA 4908 Message

EDI Trading Partners are able to use the VDA 4908 message in order to automatically exchange credit information and to directly align the billings against the representative orders. Therefore the VDA 4908 message consists of segments containing billing and credit information for the exchanged materials/services and information about sender and recipient.

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