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What is an EDIFACT INVOIC Message?

EDIFACT INVOIC is an electronic invoice exchanged between suppliers and their customers. The INVOIC message is based on the UN/EDIFACT standard and used in many different industries, i.e. automotive or retail.


The use of the EDIFACT INVOIC Message

Partners can use the EDIFACT INVOIC message to exchange invoicing information automatically and to align the billings with the corresponding orders directly. The EDIFACT INVOIC message consists of segments containing billing information about the traded materials/services and information about the sender and the recipient. This way, the INVOIC message replaces a paper-based invoice when partners communicate via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Benefits using EDI and the EDIFACT INVOIC Message

The exchange of invoice information via EDIFACT INVOIC has many advantages for both - the customer and the supplier

Reduces employee workload a lot

because data has not to be provided by hand

Avoiding errors as data is generated automatically by the system

and not by human interaction

EDI Invoice message is directly present as an electronic representation

and in this form can be done archived quickly and easily

Invoices are sent and delivered instantly
Safe EDI protocols (OFTP2, SFTP, AS2 or via VANs) protect the confidentiality in transit

Automate the INVOIC Invoice Message with flexible operating models

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