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What is an EDIFACT INVRPT Message?

The EDIFACT INVRPT (INVentory RePorT) message is sent between trading partners to inform them about suppliers held inventory or a partner’s current stock levels. They are used to describe the current availability of stock or goods. They can be used to inform about initial stock, final stock, and the movement of goods between warehouses for a specific period. It follows the EDI message standard UN/EDIFACT and could be considered an essential message type for the electronic purchasing process.


The use of the EDIFACT INVRPTL Message

A supplier of goods would use the EDIFACT INVRPT to update their partners with their current stock levels and future stock levels. This would allow their Partners to plan their future orders, and the supplier can start selling their goods before they have been produced or have arrived to site. These messages are also used to inform partners that items are out of stock.

Inventory Reports are typically generated via a supplier’s in house system into their specific ERP format, such as INVRPT IDOC. The EDI solution would then translate this information into the partner’s specific EDI format. Within the EDIFACT standard, some of the more commonly used versions are:


Benefits using EDI and the EDIFACT INVRPT Message

Exchanging planning documents via EDIFACT INVRPT brings benefits to both customers and suppliers

Direct computer to computer communication reduces the employee workload
Far fewer mistakes

due to less human interaction

Massive saving on time

due to automated processes

Ensure stable use of EDIFACT Inventory Acknowledgement files

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