Digital Deposit Box creates added value and increased customer loyalty

Banks are in the light of comparable products and tight margins faced with the challenge to always successfully position itself in the market and to differentiate themselves through innovative services. By offering convenience products and services, credit institutions may offer their customers added value. Access to banking services has to be convenient for customers, transparent and especially be safe. However, the background processes should run lean, automated and secure.

A digital deposit box can enhance the e-banking service as an innovative value-added service and increase customer loyalty.

It allows bank customers to store worth protecting documents (eg purchase contracts, insurance policies, Will, etc.) in digital form and to access these data at any time, from any location, on mobile devices, with the necessary security. Documents can be stored by subjects in the digital safe with individual access permissions (eg in case of death).

With SEEBURGER, implementation is fast, secure and automated.

Our complete solution for transferring data as well as for automatic integration with back-end systems ensures that your institute has competitive advantages and differentiators. If, in addition on customer request an automatic import of desired electronic bank documents in the digital Deposit Box offered customers, e.g. current account statements, the customer gets a real added value for online banking: The access to the data eliminates the time-consuming filing of records, for example in the preparation of the tax return, and make it easier and faster. It must be ensured without any doubt that despite the transfer no access by the Bank is possible.

Sensitive data in secure digital deposit box

Through a secure web portal application, you can offer your customers the ability to securely transmit sensitive data in their digital deposit box. The solution is suitable for data of any size. Access and use via web browser, Microsoft Outlook or via an iPhone app is provided. This makes the solution easy to use, as customers via the familiar environments have access to their digital deposit box. Via integration into existing systems and processes, required additional information can be provided automatically.

Features and benefits of the digital deposit box / E-Safe Overview


  • Adds value and increases customer loyalty
  • User friendly; access and use via web browser, Microsoft Outlook or via an iPhone app
  • Automated feed of desired document data


  • Securely transmit and retain sensitive data of any size
  • Customized definition of filing headings and access permissions possible
  • Complete integration into existing banking systems allow the provision of document data
  • Available on premise or as a cloud service

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